Support Local by Ordering from the Best Places to Eat in Dallas

If you’re tired of hitting up the drive-thru on busy evenings when all you want is a hot meal for your family, then check out our favorite restaurants in Dallas here at Meadow Central Market. You will find ways to save on delivery fees, healthy options that won’t leave you feeling sluggish, and family favorites from some of the best places to eat in town. Here are our favorite restaurants to enjoy while shopping in Dallas at Meadow Central Market:

Save On Pizza and Pasta at Meadow Central Market 

One of the necessary evils of ordering out is having to pay delivery fees or place a minimum order just to have the convenience of delivered food. At Brothers Pizza & Pasta, they have no minimum order limitations, so you can literally order whatever you want without breaking your pizza-night budget. Order calzones, pizza, stromboli, Italian sandwiches, and more from their abundant menu. 

Aim for Healthy Choices 

Mediterranean food is said to be some of the healthiest on the planet, so why not give Ephesus Mediterranean Grill a try the next time you want to order out. Their menu has healthy options like salad, seafood entrees, hummus appetizers, and sandwich options piled high with fresh vegetables. Order online to have your meal brought to your door or prepared for pick-up. 

Traditional Tex-Mex Without the Mess

The most popular restaurants in Dallas seem to serve Tex-Mex, but you won’t find a better place to eat than Gabriela & Sofia’s Tex-Mex. Each of their dishes tastes like traditional homemade Tex-Mex, so you can enjoy meals like enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, quesadillas, and even burgers with golden fries. 

Check out the best places to eat in town and stay in to enjoy an evening with your family without having to cook or clean up the kitchen. Want to find more of the best ways to support businesses  in Dallas? Check out our directory today! 

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